Paying taxes

is a duty.

Defending ourselves from unfair claims

is a right

The law firm mission is to offer an excellent performance to its clients and it is one of the fewest Italian law firms able to offer legal aid in both criminal lawsuits and trials in a matter of tax law.

It is highly specialized in every legal practice concerning companies: company law, business law and bankruptcy law.

Its skills include national and international taxation and tax law and, therefore, it usually defends large industrial and bank groups, including multinational corporations.


Practice areas

Business, finance and taxation are the law areas in which the Stufano Gigantino and Associates Law Firm is specialized.

The Law Firm Partners have gained experience in these fields as a result of highly specialized studies, of academic publications and, above all, of an important practice. They led specific researches and they managed very difficult cases both in pre-litigation and litigation phases. They avail themselves of associates who have a peculiar vocational education in different topics of taxation and tax law.

Research Center

The law firm practice is sustained by the  Research Center, which is involved in law research, education and in the publishing of monographs, articles and interpretation comments.

centro studi solegal