Corporate, bankruptcy and commercial law

Corporate law

In the corporate law area, the Law Firm offers its legal aid for the configuration of articles of association, the processing and management of shareholders agreements, the configuration of compliance and governance models for companies and groups; it deals with the extrajudicial settlement of disputes between partners and/or partners and managers. It offers legal aid in the corporate lawsuits, including the one concerning liability.

Bankruptcy law

In the bankruptcy law area, the Law Firm gives legal aid during the corporate restructuring, offering expert advice to partners and managers in the processing of strategic, industrial, economic and financial plans. In case of corporate crisis and instability, it helps the management during the procedures set by Bankruptcy Law, from the phase of constitution of the feasibility studies to the dealings with the creditors, to the judicial defense, included the connection with the bankruptcy authorities.

Commercial law

In the commercial law area, the Law Firm gives expert advice in a matter of national and international corporate contracts and it gives legal aid in every kind of litigation, in all the status of the proceeding before the Civil Courts and in national and international arbitrations.