Criminal Tax and Finance Law

The Law Firm is one of the fewest Italian firm that is able to offer legal aid in both criminal proceedings and trials in a matter of tax law thanks to the partners’ background and their strong ability and knowledge of tax and finance law.

The tax and financial claims have often a relevance both for tax and finance law, in relation to taxes or penalties, and for criminal law, according to the different types of finance crimes.

The partners are often designated as expert witnesses in criminal trials in relation to tax or finance crimes, i.e. money laundering. They also professional advise in the areas of anti-money laundering law and of compliance models in order to prevent the administrative and criminal liability of companies and corporations.

The criminal defense includes the aid during the judicial inquiry, defense investigations, legal aid after a pre-trial detention order and a precautionary injunction (i.e. in case of protective custody, seizures, etc.), legal aid during the preliminary hearing, in the choice of the better form of trial and during the hearing.

During the criminal trial, the Law Firm gives legal aid in all the status of the proceeding, i.e. before the Court of First Instance, the Court of Appeals and before the High Courts (Corte di Cassazione and Corte Costituzionale) and the European Court of Human Rights.

The defense against criminal offenses in a matter of tax, finance, customs, business, corporations and properties is the Law Firm’s specific expertise and predisposition.