International and national taxation

Tax regulation and its various extensions and ramifications are an important part of the Law Firm practice. Its partners have an highly specialized vocational education in this matter and they have gained a twenty years’ experience in solving greatly complicated lawsuits. Some of them have been echoed by national medias.


The Law Firm gives legal aid to companies and taxpayers already in the procedure overture, offering legal advice and opinions about the exact implementation of tax regulation according to the better interpretation given by doctrine, jurisprudence and administrative procedure.

The Law Firm represents and defends companies and taxpayers in tax dispute resolution before the competent authorities and in tax litigation.

Tax dispute resolution before the competent authorities.

In the pre-litigation phase, that normally consists of a tax audit carried out by the Tax Police or the Tax Office, the Law Firm gives legal aid in order to guarantee a fair and productive discussion with the auditors and in accordance with the right to reply and the administrative transparency. This is a kind of early defense for the taxpayer, that is regulated by the Taxpayers’ Statute, and it is essential in order to limit the potential litigation matters to the single aspects of ambiguous interpretation. It also represents a way to prepare a more efficient defense in the further tax litigation, considering the legislative foreclosures in case the taxpayers does not produce all datas and documents that he owns during the audit or the demand for clarifications.

Alongside the defense in the tax dispute resolution before the competent authorities, the Law Firm gives legal aid during the proposal, management and resolution of settlement proceedings. These are procedures, whose aspects are regulated by law, through which taxpayers could find an agreement with the Tax Office or prevent a tax litigation, using a kind of shared settlement and resolution.

Tax litigation.

During the tax litigation, the Law Firm gives legal aid in all the status of litigation, i.e. before the Tax Commission of first instance and second resort (Commissioni tributarie provinciali and regionali) and before the High Courts (Corte di Cassazione and Corte Costituzionale) and the Court of Justice of European Union.

Thanks to the acknowledged expertise in this matter, the charter members and the associates are often chosen by other law firms or accountant firms to provide legal aid in a matter of tax law.


The Law Firm is highly specialized in taxation of M&As, structured finance transactions, financial products and bond issues.

It owns also a considerable expertise in taxation of financial income and tax monitoring of foreign assets.

The Law Firm gives also legal aid in asset protection using legal instruments such as trust, life policies, asset funds and, generally speaking, destination restrictions.