Sebastiano Stufano and Gianluca Gigantino founded Stufano Gigantino and Associates Law and Tax Firm in 2010, after having gained experience in tax law and taxation from more than twenty years now: both of them fulfilled important position in Tax Police and, at a later stage, they practiced in law firms where they gave legal aid to big national and multinational industrial and bank groups.

Sebastiano Stufano

Gianluca Gigantino

Vincenzo Josè Cavallaro

The Law Firm associates have a specific education in the different areas of tax law and taxation: Camilla Consorti, Francesco Daniele Di Donato, Vincenzo Maria De Angelis, Donato Colucci and Miro Tomasich.

At least one of the partners is involved in every legal case that is entrusted to the Law Firm.

Camilla Consorti

Francesco Daniele di Donato

Vincenzo De Angelis

Donato Colucci

Miro Tomasich