From more than twenty years now partners and associates have an highly specialized proficiency in these areas that comes from an intense practice gained by means of:

An highly specialized vocational education

The involvement and direction of specialized inquiries in these areas

legal aid in problematic pre-litigation phases and legal cases

The publishing of monographs, articles and interpretation comments

Asset protection

Asset protection consists of the organization of economic structures and the use of instruments that ensure the fulfilment of preset needs.

Asset protection is also a chance to prevent and solve every critical aspect of death duties. In fact, it governs assets allocation to future generations in accordance with specific criteria that perfectly apply to each individual case.

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International and national taxation

Tax regulation, in all its extensions, is the field in which the Law Firm is specialized. It is analyzed in its national and international aspects and the latter is very interesting for multinational corporations.

The Law Firm gives legal aid to companies and taxpayers in the procedure overture, offering legal advice and opinions; in the pre-litigation phase, during tax audit carried out by the Tax Police or the Tax Office; in the proposal, management and resolution of settlement proceedings; and in the tax litigation, giving legal aid in all the status of litigation.

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Criminal Tax and Finance Law

The Law Firm is one of the fewest Italian firm that is able to offer legal aid in both criminal proceedings and trials in a matter of tax law. The partners have specialized skills and a great experience in tax, financial, custom, corporate, commercial and property crimes.

The Law Firm gives legal aid in all the status of the proceeding: in tax and finance suit, in relation to taxes or penalties, and in criminal legal action, according to the different types of finance crimes

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Customs Law and International Business

The Law Firm gives legal aid and expert advice in international exchanges of goods and services, looking after the contracts and the correct application of tax and customs law.

During the litigation, it defends the clients from customs notices of assessment before Tax Commissions and Criminal Courts.

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The Law Firm manages companies sales and acquisitions and shake-ups of corporate groups, giving legal aid and assistance; selection and identification of the company and of the target investment; legal and tax due diligence, risks analysis and identification of the more suitable guarantees; analysis of the taxation impact of the operation and its maximization; dealing and configuration of the contract; closing and further formalities

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Corporate, bankruptcy and commercial law.

The Law Firm gives legal aid to the corporations in every step of its course.

In corporate law, the Law Firm offers its legal aid for the configuration of articles of association and it deals with the extrajudicial settlement of disputes between partners and/or partners and managers. It offers legal aid in the corporate lawsuits.

In the commercial law area, the Law Firm gives expert advice in a matter of national and international corporate contracts and it gives legal aid in every kind of litigation.

In the bankruptcy law area, the Law Firm gives legal aid during the corporate restructuring and, during corporate crisis and instability, it helps the management during the procedures set by Bankruptcy Law.

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